Social Media Policy


The policy presented herein provides guidelines and regulations for all external users who distribute content in relation to to any Social Media channel or website.

Social Media channels include, but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, TumblR, Flickr, YouTube, as well as social forums, user threads, wikis, blogs and any other user interaction channel designed for advertising, promotion or communication.


Compliance with terms below is mandatory prior to distributing content (by posting or reference) with regards to on Social Media.

1. All social posts or references must be in full accordance with the governing Terms and Conditions for external use, as well as our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

2. When posting graphic content in relation to Dalberry products and services, all external users must adhere to Dalberry’s Brand Design feel as it appears on the official website.

3. Honesty and transparence are important values that we share with our partners, please make sure you use your real name and, if applicable, state your relationship with Dalberry.

4. When content is posted to non-business entity social accounts – or on external user’s personal social accounts – the views expressed must be reinforced at all times to state that they are the account owner’s ones and do not necessarily reflect Dalberry’s business representatives official voice.

5. Unless particular authority is provided as entitlement to commit Dalberry to any kind of business action – and proof of this authority provision may be provided per request – no external user may bind Dalberry to legal commitment in their posts or references.

6. All content posted in relation to Dalberry business must be professional, non-discriminatory, politically correct and respectful of all other entities participant in the conversation or connected to the context.

7. Confidential and/or sensitive information that may be provided to external users during their collaboration with Dalberry is protected by the Privacy Policy posted online and the Non-Disclosure Agreement signed. This information may not be distributed on social media channels. This information includes, but is not limited to specific product and technology specific features; personally identifiable information (such as telephone numbers, IDs information, financial information) of the company’s employees, partners, customers, or vendors; or other business-related confidential or proprietary information.

8. Dalberry branding elements such as trademarks, copy, logos, imagery are protected by the Copyright and Intellectual Property Laws.

9. External users may not post social content or reference that contains defamatory, discriminatory or harassing language or graphics, nor content or reference that is in violation of Dalberry’s policies against discrimination, harassment, or aggression based on age, race, sex and sexuality, ethnicity, religion, nationality, disability, or other protected class, status, or characteristic.

10. Defamatory activities in regards to Dalberry Technologies are subject to legal proceedings, as allowed by local laws.

11. Should an external user discover a post or a reference made online that acts against any of the terms enclosed above, we kindly ask to immediately escalate this event to Dalberry’s representatives (


Please note that compliance with all the regulations provided herein is mandatory and measured through a range of available methods, such as external audits, reports and alerts generated by integrated social listening tools and/or feedback redirected to the policy owner.

Noncompliance with these regulations and other related deviations from the terms enforced include attempts to avoid the stated policy or procedure by circumventing or intentionally manipulating the development, organization, or facts and may result in legal actions, as allowed by local laws.


Dalberry provides this policy in view of creating an informational context. No warranties are expressed by Dalberry with respect to these terms enclosed in this document. No liability shall be suffered by Dalberry in case of errors or omissions related to this document. This policy is subject to change without prior notice being provided. Please always refer to the online version of this document in order to reach the updated version.