Fixing the broken journey in online payments:
Dalberry releases three-fold solution for merchants’ most common issues

PRESS RELEASE: In response to common issues with outdated payment processing systems unable to deliver real-time reporting, cost savings and fast support, Dalberry created a three-fold solution that brings autonomy, automation and empowerment to online merchants. With the release of its co-branded products Dalberry Core, Dalberry Cortex and Dalberry Assist, the fintech company continues its mission to help online merchants rediscover speed in daily operations through a unique blend of optimized routing, single integration, merchant oriented interface, risk and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Anda Constantin, COO Dalberry: “We are confident that our new releases will bring us closer to our target market as all features have been designed to bring significant added value to our existing and future merchants.”

Complete Payment Processing Solution for Online Businesses

This three-fold approach to the online payments ecosystem is scalable for merchants in all regulated industries, regardless of processing volume and business size. Based on the divide and conquer principle, Dalberry built one product for each set of common issues needlessly complicating the merchant journey, ranging from the need of process automation to (paradoxically) the lack of human interaction.

Dalberry Core

With Dalberry Core, the company enables merchants to capitalize on their marketing investments and increase approval ratios through routing logic and optimization modules (Optimized Routing, PCI compliant Hosted Page, 3DS, Tokenization, Direct API).

Dalberry Cortex

Dalberry Cortex is the intelligent User Panel with built-in automated logic and integrated risk module that provide merchants with real-time data and reporting. This ensures compliance with acquirers’ thresholds, cost-savings on manual operations and fast business decisions.

Dalberry Assist

Dalberry Assist brings timely dedicated support for merchants’ applications, onboarding documentation and account management, upgrading quality and speed in client assistance at industry level.
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About Dalberry: Dalberry was founded by Juan Santana and Anda Constantin. With more than 16-year experience in e-business at both B2B and B2C standards, they successfully leverage their intimate know-how of demand and supply in online payments. Dalberry was launched in 2015 to fix the broken journey for e-merchants and give them a cost-optimized and hassle-free experience. The company’s headquarters are in Gibraltar, with operational offices in Romania. Current portfolio includes merchants from E-commerce, Regulated Gaming and Corporate Services.