Dalberry Launched Its
Own Automated Recruitment App-
with great feedback

Author: Flavia Dumitru, Operations Manager

As any start-up, once you put things in motion and start to get some traction you need to grow the team. What’s the best method? What should the steps be? What’s the most time effective process? How to find the A player candidates? At the kick-off of what looked like a long recruitment journey, Dalberry was determined to automate and optimize the quickest and most comprehensive method to ease up the life of both our candidates and our talent spotters. No doubt the trick was to sort out the biggest challenge- efficiency.

The Challenge

Just like adult life, as businesses grow up, time seems to get shorter while TO DOs lists get longer. In the hustle and bustle of a full recruitment cycle, we started to wonder if there isn’t a simpler and more efficient way for both parties involved to save time while making sure it’s a match. While the testing phase was meant to help choose the best candidates and save time, it sure looked like a lot of resources invested – by doing it the old fashion way. If you’ve visited our website prior to reading this blog, you might know we are problem-solvers with a strong affinity for process automation. Clearly having this process automated would save everyone time while giving us the upper edge to go creative and get to know our candidate’s strategizing skills on a virtual first-encounter.

The Solution

We did not manage to find anything on the market to suit all our needs, therefore we decided to develop it in-house. In less than a month we had an MVP ready for soft launch. We’ve designed the recruitment process to be rigorous, fair and consistent for everyone who applies. It’s about making sure candidates are a great fit for our business, and that we’d be a great fit for them. Candidates need to pass successfully the following assessment stages to show their potential:

1. CV screening
2. Assessment and personality testing
3. Telephone interview
4. Face-to-face interview 

The recruitment software takes care of automating all the above and creating a database with candidates and a good overview over the entire processes. After a recruitment journey is added and testing session is setup per each role, the candidates that pass the screening session are added to our database and test invites are sent; the ones that do complete the test and have a passing score are informed by email about the next step. After the phone interview is completed, the selected candidates are again emailed with the next steps. All candidates that pass the face-to-face interview are added on the shortlist and informed accordingly. After the last step, the candidate that scores the highest has proven ready to join the Dalberry team. We want to keep all candidates informed throughout the entire process, so feedback is consistently provided.

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The Outcome and Future Plans

In less than 2 months we managed to close 3 recruitment journeys and add valuable people to the Dalberry team. And note, we are picky –we want to welcome to our team great people that align with our mission and share the same passion for delivering amazing products to our merchants. In January 2017, with big plans ahead, we are ready to continue our recruiting processes – for our key positions, with the Dalberry Recruitment Application at full speed. So far the Dalberry recruitment process had great feedback and outcomes, so if you want to write your own story and be part of a diverse landscape, send your resume together with the letter of intent to and get ready to make a difference.