Smart and ambitious people position

Job brief

Not your standard job ad and job description? Well we are not the ones to go by standards and status quo and we’re not looking for standard people either.

Dalberry – the all-in-one technology provider for electronic payments, is a young and fast-paced start-up that is rapidly growing in customers, brand awareness and online footprint. We’ve set ambitious goals for ourselves and are determined to reach them. Our team is very confident and excited about the product that we are building and the market feedback has been extraordinary, which makes us push forward with even more enthusiasm.

For that to happen faster, we want to welcome to our team great people that align with our mission and share the same passion for delivering amazing products for our merchants and customers as we do. Therefore, if you are a very smart individual, super ambitious, full of energy with a great hunger for growth and knowledge please consider sending us a resume together with a letter of intent. Your letter should detail the things that you shine best at, what is the one strength that you have that you can bet all your money on? Can be anything from persuasion to writing code, from drafting great presentations to spotting patterns. If you have a great skill that makes you special, we want to hear about it.

 As we run a living company, the culture is very important for us so make sure that you are self-aware, self-disciplined, self-starter, self-learner. We do not seek corporate people that are box tickers, we want colleagues that are willing and capable to design the box and create it afterwards. If you have great ideas and want to take autonomy over your work, look no further. There is no particular need for you to know about online payments, because here we can help and transfer our knowledge to you in no time. What we do expect is common sense, respect, passion, drive, curious approach and a development oriented mind.

We nurture and encourage an environment where people are independent thinkers at first and excellent brainstormers second. If someone has a better view on a particular thing, we are grateful for that person sharing their view with us. Egos are left at the door, because inside the office we share success. If you are the type of person that needs many clarifications, specifications, templates and in-depth guidelines this is not the place for you. We will work together and help each other, but we will not micromanage- we let our talent develop through autonomy, strong will and self-discipline.

Bottom line, if you think you are a great person with an amazing skill – drop us an e-mail and bring some arguments to support your statement together with the position in which you believe you can excel. 

Apart from the lovely team that you will be joining and apart from the benefits that we offer (healthcare, trainings and certifications, flexible hours and many more) you will also qualify for our option plan – which means exactly what you think it means – if the company does great, your net worth will significantly go up, regardless if you are working in Human Resources or R&D – your work matters to us.


Our company fosters personal and professional development, so if you want to write your own story and be part of a diverse landscape, send your resume together with the letter of intent to and get ready to make a difference. It’s your chance now to drive innovation and accelerate business success side by side with the Dalberry team!